A Trapped Wild Sheep Meets His Guardian Angel

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A Mouflon, or a wild sheep, was in the Russian woods doing what wild sheep do, when suddenly his horns got caught on a tree. Judging by the scuffed area around the tree, the mouflon appears to have been stuck there for quite a bit of time.

Then chance happens — a couple of joggers spotted the troubled creature and immediately took action to save this beautiful wild sheep from the tree’s snare.

As the man approaches, the mouflon appears to be (understandably) startled and aggressive, not knowing the jogger was there to help. Fearing injury, the jogger snaps the tree in half to create a barrier between himself and the entangled mouflon.

After a minute or two, the jogger was finally able to get the wild sheep’s horn free from the tree! At the cost of a tree, the wild sheep is spared from an uncertain future if it weren’t for a couple of passing joggers.

Watch the incredible rescue in the video below!

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