Watch As A Caring Elephant Waits By Its Injured Friend’s Side Until Help Comes

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I’ve never seen something this sweet before! An injured elephant made her way back to the animal sanctuary that rescued her. She was injured by a poisoned arrow. And even though her injury wasn’t life threatening, her best friend, who remembered her fondly, never left her side. The image of them holding each other by the trunk is one I will never forget.

We live in a world that animal lovers can’t truly understand. Why would anyone harm such a beautiful, majestic creature? How could a trade for anything be worth this kind of pain? Luckily, there are people to help out, that will care for these injured, innocent animals.

Source: YouTube/b/60

Source: YouTube/b/60

Many communities will also step in but they need the resources to do so. This program, that helps elephants in Kenya, relies on donations to employ villagers to work as rangers. The rangers will then enforce and protect the local elephant population. If we all work together, we can make a difference!

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