I Never Thought I’d Fall In Love With A Spider…But I Just Did! Crazy, I Know!

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Camouflage is incredibly important for all species and their survival, and spiders have some of the best camouflage in the animal kingdom! Wouldn’t you agree? Take this little spider in the sand, for example.

Usually, I run in the opposite direction of anything that even closely resembles a spider, but not this little guy! Thanks to some very clever video editing skills, this spider has some deep thoughts come to life as a voice-over artist perfectly characterizes what could be going on in this video!

Whether you are a not a fan of spiders, or absolutely love them, you can trust me when I say this: You’ll be laughing the moment you press play. Listen as this spider tries to decide how to hide in the sand from predators and strangers.

At first you don’t succeed, little spider, try and try again! Check out the video below!

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