Family Wades Through Chest-Level Floodwaters To Rescue Their Dogs From Hurricane Dorian

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The death toll from Hurricane Dorian has reached seven and is expected to climb in the Bahamas on Wednesday as rescue teams race to provide food, water, medicine and shelter to thousands of residents left homeless by the devastating storm.

People residing in Freeport, Grand Bahamas, are still picking up the pieces after their community was destroyed by the floodwaters.

Photo: Youtube / VOA News

A Bahamian journalist assisting the Associated Press, Tim Aylen, was forced to leave him home as the floodwaters continued to rise.

Photo: Youtube / VOA News

Aylen and his family waded through chest-level floodwaters to make it to higher ground.

Photo: Youtube / VOA News

He was with his 21-year-old daughter Julia Aylen, 17-year-old son Matthew Aylen, and their three dogs.

Photo: Youtube / VOA News

The video has since gone viral and people are applauding their heroic efforts to save their furry family members.

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