This Primate Is The Only Venomous Mammal In The Entire World

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Although venom is common in the animal kingdom, it is not so common in mammals specifically. In fact, there is only one known species of primate in the entire world that actually produces toxic venom.

And it’s called the slow loris.

This endangered nocturnal primate resides primarily in southeast Asia, and eats anything from tree-gum to small reptiles and birds.

It isn’t especially large, but the slow loris’ venom makes it incredibly deadly to the particular prey that it hunts.

Their toxic venom is actually created by a special gland in their arm, and in order to activate it, they lick the area and the toxins become awakened with the addition of saliva.

Check out the video below to learn more about the slow loris, and to see some rare footage of it in the wild.

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