This Is Possibly the Funniest Creature on the Planet — You NEED to See This!

Flower or bug? That is the question.

Although these tiny snowflake-like creatures may resemble a flower, planthopper nymphs are actually small insects that have developed a plant-like camouflage which protects them from predators — like birds, bats, and other insects. Once touched, these cool little insects will twitch and sway slightly.

This gives off the illusion that they are plant material naturally moving with the appropriate force and threat applied. But it’s really just (smart) trickery.

Sometimes that’s not enough, though. If threatened enough, planthopper nymphs will activate their last-ditch defense mechanism: they will jump as far as they possibly can — hence the reason for their name. The jump is activated when something comes in contact with their protruding feelers.

You can see these creatures jump many times their body length, which allows them to quickly hop from branch to branch to escape any predators.

Want to see the Burmese flatidae nymph planthoppers in action? Watch the video below and see their jumping abilities firsthand!

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