Watch: Joe Hutto Greets His Mule Deer Family After a Treacherous Journey

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Each year, wild mule deer migrate over 240 km down the Rocky Mountains to find refuge during the harsh winter months. Their path is long — the longest migration of any animal their size in the continental United States — and treacherous.

Though the deer don’t always survive the winter months, the ones who do always return home. Waiting for them, on their home-range, is deer whisperer Joe Hutto, who has an incredible bond with these beautiful creatures.

“I can look out in the distance and see someone coming, and just by facial appearances and sometimes even by the way they walk, I can identify some old friends, and they recognize me as well,” Hutto says in the video.

Seeing how these deer interact with a person and place they have returned to every single year is a truly incredible sight. You can really tell they know exactly who Hutto is and they are actually glad to see him again after their long journey.

Watch the video below to see the family of mule deer scale a hill’s crest to find their dear friend Joe waiting to greet them.

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