Baby Elephant Has His First Swim Lesson

Baby Moyo is the cutest baby elephant. He lives at the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery where he is getting so much love and attention. Water is a big part of an elephant’s life so Moyo must learn to get used to it. Here, in this video, he can be seen splashing around while his rescuers look on. Isn’t he adorable?

Elephants are amazing! There’s so much about them that intrigues me. Did you know an elephant can live for about 70 years? Yup! And because they live this long, they experience a lot! They walk miles and miles! They are also excellent swimmers. Because they live in herds, elephants are social creatures. The females stay with their herd from birth to death while male elephants leave their herd between 12 and 15 years of age. The herd is led by the eldest matriarch.

Elephant tusks are actually HUGE incisors. WHOA! Did you know that? Me either! Elephants also have tiny eyes and poor eye sight. They consume, on average, 400 pounds of food a day. OMG! No wonder they’re always moving around. Aren’t elephants cool? I think so too.

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