Two Cuttlefish Have An Epic Showdown Over The Chance For A Mate

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All across the world, male animals are in a constant battle between trying to claim territory of their own and figuring out which females they can find in order to mate and carry on their species. And in order to get both of those things, the animals usually have to fight for them.

For cuttlefish, this fight is no different, even though it might look a little strange, considering everything they do is underwater.

When one male cuttlefish finds a female, he will copulate with her and then proceed to follow her around and “protect” her from any potential intruding males. But when other males do come around, it almost always ends with a battle.

In the video below, the ensuing fight between two male cuttlefish turns into an incredibly rare sight that has hardly ever been witnessed in the wild. But thanks to some quick-responding scientists, we get to see what happens.

Check out this incredible display and be prepared for an epic battle for female affection!

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