A Great Turtle Rescue That Teaches a Great Turtle Lesson

The U.S. Coast Guard regularly carries out at-sea rescues usually to safeguard human lives. Whether it is refugees fleeing a country that are in distress, boaters who have engine failure, surfers having medical emergencies, the U.S. Coast Guard is out there helping out humans who are in danger.

This is a story where the U.S. Coast Guard had to rescue those who were harmed because of humans.

One day, the crew of a Coast Guard boat spied what they believed to be narcotics while on patrol in a drug-smuggling zone. The crew was surprised to find not drugs, but two sea turtles entangled in a bundle of trash, according to Mother Nature Network.

Watch as the entire crew jumps into action to save the distressed turtles and see what measures they take to free these beautiful creatures caught in a trap made by careless people who leave their trash in the water.

Both turtles belong to endangered species. Help alleviate ocean trash by signing a pledge to reduce your litter and protect our endangered ocean life.

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