This Fantastic View Will Change Your Perspective on Our Planet

Mickey Sensenbach took his brother and his roommate to North Six Shooter Peak for possibly the most epic adventure of their lives. Sensenbach filmed the entire climb, showing off the peak’s beautiful landscapes. as he and his buddies worked to navigate the steep cliffs and large cracks — which is not an easy task, especially while filming! Their reward was an awesome panoramic view of the canyons below, which they graciously shared with the rest of the world with this incredible video. You won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime view!

Canyons such as these are fragile and sensitive, yet the Bureau of Land Management wants to allow a strip mine near Bryce Canyon National Park — a total downer for conservationists everywhere. Visit this page to help convince the BLM to change their mind about letting this potentially damaging coal mine work in this area.

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