After A Thousand Years These Greek Sinkholes Have Become Unbelievably Beautiful

Known for its rich history, Greece has given us democracy, mythology, and beautiful architecture. But the country is not short on natural wonders either with its incredible landscape full of mysteries, such as the “dolines.”

This video gives you a drone’s-eye view of these gigantic sinkholes so you can explore them for yourself. There is still a debate about how the dolines were formed, but the most popular theory attributes them to an explosion of natural gas. There are two major dolines in the village of Didyma: Megali and Mikri spilia, or “Big Cave” and “Small Cave,” respectively.

Sinkholes can be formed in all kinds of different ways and are found all over the globe. But these look absolutely amazing, and with this brand new aerial footage everyone can enjoy their beauty!

Explore the science behind sinkholes with this fascinating documentary.

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