Here’s Some Of The Best Recorded Footage Of An Amazing Giant Sunfish

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This gigantic ocean sunfish, filmed off the coast of Portugal by Miguel Pereira and his crew, easily dwarfs these divers. Not even remotely fazed by the presence of humans, the sunfish followed their activities for fifteen minutes, even letting the divers touch it.

It might surprise you to know that this species of fish currently holds the record for heaviest bony fish.

Luckily for the divers, according to National Geographic, they mainly eat jellyfish!

Fun facts about the colossal ocean sunfish – an average adult ocean sunfish can weigh as much as 2,500 pounds and be measured at a fin-to-fin length of 8.2 feet, and females produce more eggs than any other known vertebrate, up to 300 million eggs at one time!

What is even more fascinating is that they grow nearly 60 million times their size from egg to adult ocean sunfish. That is just so mind-blowing!

Watch the ocean sunfish in action in the video below!

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