Sleeping Habits of the Animal Kingdom

The National Institute of Health recommends that adult humans get about 7-8 hours of sleep per night in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what are sleeping patterns like elsewhere in the animal kingdom? With their varying sized bodies and metabolisms, their circadian rhythms and sleeping patterns end up being a whole lot different from ours, and among themselves. For example, a little brown bat sleeps for almost 20 hours! Of course, they’re nocturnal, and their best prey only comes out at certain times of night (giving them plenty of time to sleep the day away in their cave). Meanwhile, great white sharks might not even sleep at all, possibly because they have to almost constantly be on the move if they want to breathe properly; they have been observed in a “resting state,” but there has been little research into whether this is actual sleep.

Let us know which animal best matches your sleeping habits!

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