When These Coast Guard Rescuers Found A Stranded Sea Turtle They Were Shocked At The Size

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Thirty miles off of the South Jersey shore, an 800 pound leatherback turtle became tangled in fishing line. After receiving the call, crew members from Coast Guard Station Cape May responded to the emergency.

It’s not unusual for the Coast Guard to get calls about animals being caught up in various types of gear found in the water, could be fishing gear or just abandoned ropes and nets. The water is full of hazards for marine life to navigate.

The members of the USCG did a fantastic job of finding the animal and finding a humane way to free the distressed turtle. Although it maybe unusual for the crew to get as close to a tangled animal like they do this turtle they are more then prepared to deal with it.

The normal rescues usually require more equipment to reach the animal, after all they need to keep their space from certain animals for the animal and their own safety.

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below!

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