A Baby Elephant Scratches An Itch In The Cutest Way Possible!

Nothing feels better than soothing an itch. Just ask this baby elephant! He uses the tall grass and the dirt road to get those hard to reach spots. You MUST watch this baby elephant wiggle, roll, and tumble just to scratch that one pesky itch — it’s just too darn funny and relatable for words! There’s just something so darn cute about baby elephants, am I right?

If you haven’t had enough laughs from watching this adorable baby elephant, give this video a try! In this video, you will see a baby elephant giving his mom a tough time and throwing a little elephant tantrum! The reason? He is not ready to stop bathing. How adorable does that sound! Only if I could get my kids to be THAT excited for a bath.

Watch the video below for some giggles and smiles!

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