It Turns Out Baby Crocodiles Already Have Some Crazy Hunting Skills

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Crocodiles are very unique animals, in that they are exceptionally old and haven’t changed a significant amount since their ancestors were roaming the earth with the dinosaurs. This means that they have instincts that have been imprinted on them over the course of millions of years.

And another reason they are so different is because of how one species of males interact with their offspring.

Unlike many creatures in the animal kingdom, mugger crocodile males play a substantial, caring role for their young. Not only do they look after the clutch of eggs which they are incubating, but they also provide protection while their little ones grow.

When it comes to mealtime, however, the hatchlings are on their own. They will have to completely fend for themselves when trying to chase down the necessary food to help them continue growing at a proper rate.

This means that they need to be ready to go out on their own to catch food almost from the moment that they hatch from their eggs!

Watch the video to learn more about this awesome crocodile dad and see his little ones sharpening their hunting skills.

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