The 7 Worst Invasive Species on the Planet

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One of the most devastating events that can occur within an ecosystem is the introduction of a non-native species that has no natural predators. Without the natural boundaries of their native habitat, these species can overtake their new home in an extraordinarily short period of time.

The results can range from costly to catastrophic, and may require drastic measures to return the ecosystem to normal. Invasive species can endanger and even decimate resident species, and can be a major threat to the biodiversity of any habitat.

Eradicating a foreign species can be incredibly difficult, and oftentimes the best defense is prevention.

Check out some of the world’s worst invasive species, and find out what’s being done to stop them:

7. European Red Fox

Jim Stutzman/USFWS

Jim Stutzman/USFWS

Australia is experiencing one of the worst mammalian extinction events it has ever seen, and that’s due largely to an invasion of European red foxes. While they are critical to the balance of the food chain in their native habitat, they are a disaster in areas where they have no predators. They were originally brought to Australia for recreational hunting, these crafty critters have thrived and now inhabit much of the Australian mainland.

Conservationists have had some success saving Australian species by relocating them to islands of the mainland’s coast, where (hopefully) no red foxes will be introduced.

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